Where to Get Big Rocks for Landscaping: Top Sources

Large Rocks And Boulders Are Surrounded By Lots Of Trees And Shrubs

Landscaping can add so much aesthetic appeal to your property, and one of the more dramatic elements you can incorporate is large rocks. These natural elements bring texturing, contrast, and focus to your landscape design, henceforth providing a beautiful view. However, finding the right rocks for your landscape can be quite a challenge. In this article, you will be taken through the best sources to purchase large rocks for landscaping, to ensure that you make the right choice for your project.

Why You Should Use Big Rocks For Landscaping?

Before going through the sources from where you can get big rocks for landscaping, first, let me discuss the importance of including such rocks in your garden or yard. Landscaping with large rocks comes with several advantages, which include big rocks can be beneficial for:

  • Aesthetic Value: The big rocks will implement natural beauty into your yard and garden region.
  •  Erosion Control: They help in the stabilization of soil, preventing it from eroding and managing water flow.
  • Low Maintenance: Required little to no maintenance compared to plants, hence an economical way of landscaping.
  • Versatile: They can be used in forming borders, pathways, aquatic features, or garden accented among many uses.

Places to Find Big Rocks for Landscaping

1. Local Quarries

A quarry is one of the excellent sources for large landscaping rocks. They generally specialize in different types of stone and, as a result, usually carry a great diversity in terms of choice.


  • Variety: Different types of stones available in quarries—granite, limestone, and sandstone—are available to be chosen according to your design.
  • Cost-effective: Sometimes the materials are cheaper compared to purchasing them from a retail store, which has a profit margin.
  • Customization: Most often, you can demand measurements and shapes according to your landscaping needs.

2. Landscaping Supply Stores

Another excellent place to find large rocks is at landscaping supply stores. These vendors specifically deal with everything necessary to do any kind of outdoor work and will generally have a variety of rocks in stock.


  • Convenience: Such stores are usually located in cities and can easily be accessed.
  • Expert Advice: The workers normally have lots of experience in landscaping and can come in very useful when one is looking for advice on rock choice and placement.
  • Inventory: Not only do they offer rocks, but they also have other landscaping supplies you may need, including mulch, soil, and tools.

3. Online Retailers

Online shopping for large rocks for landscaping is becoming popular today. Many sites can deliver such kind of rocks right to your doorstep.


  • Wide Selection: Many online stores have huge inventories; this gives you a wide selection for you to choose from.
  • Convenient: You will save yourself the effort of having to move up and down to a few stores, as the shopping process is brought home.
  • Customer Reviews: You can validate if the rocks are valid and accepted to your project based on the other customers’ reviews.

4. Construction Sites

Construction sites are a valuable and surprising source of large rocks. Large-scale construction projects often involve the excavation and disposal of rocks.


  • Free or Cheap: In many cases, the construction companies may allow one to collect the rocks for free or at a low price as such so that they do not incur the charges of disposing of waste.
  • Recycling: The rocks are eco-friendly materials due to the fact that they make use of the waste that would otherwise be left at the construction site.

Large Rocks for Decorative Landscaping

5. Farm and Agricultural Land

Rocks on farm and agricultural land are normally gathered and stacked out of the field to prevent interference when the land is being prepared for planting. The rocks could actually make beautiful landscaping.


  • Locality: Rocks obtained from a farm can easily be accessed since the source is close.
  • Natural Look: Such rocks usually carry a natural look of weathering thus they tend to fit in well with the different landscapes.
  • Local Support: Get rocks from local farms; it sustains the community and advocates for sustainability—friendly farming.

6. Riverbeds and Beaches

Two of the most common natural landscapes are riverbeds and beaches. Their presence easily provides for abundant smooth, water-worn rocks.


  • Shapes that Are Unique: Water-welded rocks are uniquely shaped with smooth surf adding an individual character to any landscape.
  •  Natural Beauty: Perfect for water features, rock gardening, and other naturalistic designs.
  •  Availability: The availability of sourcing these rocks depends on the location and may normally be collected for free, although local regulations would have to be checked out first.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Big Rocks for Landscaping

Size and Shape

When considering where to get big rocks for landscaping, think of the size and shape that best complement what your designs call for. Great large, flat rocks can be excellent for stepping stones or seating, all the way to large round boulders that would serve as focal points and/or natural barriers.

Color and Texture

The color and texture of the rocks must be such that they blend and harmonize with the general aesthetics of your landscape. Reputed quarries and supply stores usually have several varieties, ranging from smooth, light-colored river rocks to some pretty rough, dark basalt stones.

Cost and Budget

While big rocks may be a huge investment, there is always a great deal on construction sites and farms. Consider your budget and find great deals.

Delivery and Installation

A huge pain is the transportation and installation of large rocks on your own. First of all, make sure that the company offers you the possibility of bringing them to the site—it may be free of charge. Or you may get a professional company that deals with landscaping, for instance, 345 Landscaping, to have them installed.


A landscaping project is never complete without big rocks, and the sources from where you get them are myriad. In a bid to improve your landscaping project, one of the most important things to do is to find some of the best sources for these big rocks. Some of the sourcing places that might cross your mind include quarries, supply stores, online retailers, construction sites, farms, or simply nature within your locality, among others. There each plays a distinct role. At 345 Landscaping, we are dedicated to serving you in building beautiful, sustainable landscapes with our quality products. Remember to consider factors such as size, shape, color, texture, cost, and installation during your search. Happy landscaping!

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