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Welcome to 345 Landscaping

Where Your Outdoor Space Transforms

Hello, I’m John Henry Hall, the proud founder of 345 Landscaping, and standing right alongside me is my brother and co-owner, Luke Hall. With a rich history spanning over a decade in the landscaping and hardscaping industry, we’re thrilled to welcome you to our online home.

At 345 Landscaping, our journey is not just about plants and stones; it’s about creating living, breathing art in outdoor spaces. With an unwavering passion For what we do, we’ve honed our skills over the years to turn your outdoor dreams into reality.

As you navigate through our website, you’ll discover more than just services – you’ll find a commitment to excellence and a genuine love for our craft. Luke and I lead this charge, driven by the shared goal of being the best in the business. 

Every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication. From vibrant gardens to meticulously crafted hardscapes, we bring a personal touch to every detail. Join us in transforming landscapes into masterpieces, where your vision takes center stage.

Feel free to explore our portfolio, learn about our expertise, and envision the possibilities. At 345 Landscaping, it’s more than a website; it’s a virtual journey into the heart of our outdoor oasis. Let’s embark on this adventure together – where your landscape becomes a living work of art.

Our Services


Every great landscape starts with a great design. Our expert designers work closely with you to create a blueprint that matches your vision and suits your lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a serene garden, a lively entertainment area, or a sustainable landscape, we have the skills and creativity to make it happen.


Keeping your outdoor space looking its best requires regular maintenance, and our team is here to help. Our hardscaping maintenance team ensure that your landscape remains a source of pride and joy throughout the year.


Ready to bring your dream landscape to life? Our construction team specializes in turning designs into reality. Whether it's installing a new patio, building a water feature, we handle every aspect of the build with precision and care.

Why You'll Love Partnering with 345 Landscaping

Welcome to a world where your outdoor dreams are not just understood but brought to life with unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail. At 345 Landscaping, we pride ourselves on a decade of experience that allows us to navigate any landscape challenge with precision and creativity. Here are just a few reasons why partnering with us will be a decision you’ll cherish:

Seasoned Craftsmanship

With over ten years of expertise in the landscaping industry, our work is characterized by its quality and longevity. Our team is not just skilled; they are masters of their craft, ensuring that every project we undertake is executed with exceptional care and precision.

Personalized Touch

We believe every outdoor space should be as unique as its owner. That's why we put a strong emphasis on personalization, taking the time to understand your vision and preferences. Our designs are not just about aesthetics; they reflect your personality, making your outdoor space truly yours.

Unwavering Standards

At 345 Landscaping, "good enough" is not in our vocabulary. We are committed to the highest standards in the landscaping industry, using only the best materials and practices. This commitment ensures that your space will not only be beautiful but will also withstand the test of time.

Collaborative Process

Your vision is our blueprint. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we work closely with you to ensure that your ideas are brought to life exactly as you imagined. This collaborative process is what sets us apart and ensures that the final product is something you'll love.

Transformative Results

Watch in awe as your outdoor space is transformed before your eyes. Our team's passion for creating outdoor artistry means that every project we complete is a testament to our dedication to beauty, functionality, and harmony. The transformation of your landscape into a captivating and unified space is not just our goal; it's our promise.

Choose 345 Landscaping

Choosing 345 Landscaping means choosing a partner who is as invested in your outdoor space as you are. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our genuine passion for hardscaping, ensures that your project will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Let us take you on a journey to transform your outdoor space into something you’ll love and cherish.

Our Services

3 -D Design’s

Welcome to 345 Landscaping, where your vision of the perfect outdoor space becomes a vivid, tangible reality before the first stone is even.


We don't just create landscapes; we craft outdoor experiences that stand the test of time. Nestled in the heart of Blacksburg, Virginia, our company.


Welcome to 345 Landscaping, your premier destination for transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes in the heart.

Our Projects


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At 345 Landscaping, we’re not just landscapers; we’re artists, designers, and dreamers. And we’re here to bring your outdoor dreams to life. Welcome to 345 Landscaping—where your outdoor space becomes a masterpiece.
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